Nina & Wes | Wedding on the Fjords of Norway

Linen Wedding, Erich Mcvey, Ginny AuOrganic Lettering, Wedding in Norway, Ginny Au, Erich McVey photographyPhoto by Erich McVey, Design & Styling by Ginny AuOrganic Lettering wedding, Erich McVey, Ginny Aufelix-green-wooden-spoons2 Blog TemplateErich McVey Photo, Ginny Au Styling & Design2 Blog Templatedark-blue-navy-wool-wedding-suitErich McVey Photography, Ginny Au for Styling & DesignErich McVey Photography, Ginny Au for Styling & DesignErich McVey Photography, Ginny Au for Styling & Design2 Blog Template2 Blog TemplateErich McVey Photography, Ginny Au for Styling & Designmountaintop-norway-wedding-ideasErich McVey Photography, Ginny Au for Styling & Designerich-mcvey-wedding-photography2-12 Blog Templateelopement-picnic-norway-wedding-ideasErich McVey Photography, Ginny Au for Styling and Design2 Blog Templatelinen-wrapped-wedding-favors2 Blog Templateintimate-outdoor-norway-wedding-ideas2 Blog Template2 Blog Templatenorway-seaside-wedding-venue-ideas2 Blog Template2 Blog Template2 Blog Template

Photographer:  Erich McVey | Brides Gown:  Adapted from a vintage 70’s pattern.  Made by the bride’s mother | Ribbon on Bride’s bouquet and dress:  froufrouchic | Groom’s Suit:  H&M | Groom’s Scarf:  Banana Republic | Wooden Spoons: Joanna Ballentine of Felix Glenn | Photographer’s assistant:  Cara Dee Photography  | Officiant:  Jacob Cecil | Announcement and place cards:  Katie Decker Hyatt of Signora e Mare | Food: Made by Ginny Au & Cara Dee Cecil | Styling:  Ginny Au | Flowers:  Ginny Au | Hair & Makeup:  Amy McVey | Location:  Private farm in Ulvik, Norway | Videographer:  Amy McVey

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Halo Braid Tutorial | Oncewed

Steps for braided Frou Frou:

1. Prep hair to give texture and hold. We used Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray- it gives an undone messy look. Start from either side above the ear (or over) and begin braiding with your choice of braid technique.

2. Continue braiding loosely around the shape of the head- bobby pin as you go to keep in place.

3. Complet the braid at either the temples or continue the braid around like a crown. Tuck the end in between the hair and pin.

4. We then took a 1/2 inch frou frou chic ribbon and folded it in half, hooked a bobby pin on it and anchored the ribbon in the hair by weaving in the bobby pin in the hair (hidden).

5. Then we weaved the ribbon through the braid. We used our hands for this step and weaved it in a random pattern. Step back and look at it every once in a while to make sure the ribbon is weaved through symmetrically. Also- make sure the ribbon is loose through the hair to make it look fuller.

6. As you get to your end, tuck the ribbon and pin- then spray to lock in your look!

froufrou chic ribbon

Featured on Oncewed | Photography by Joanna Ballentine | Hair and styling by Joanna & Molly of irrelephant| Ribbon by froufrou
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