Creative Director & Stylist

Dallas : Texas

I loved teaching Brandi Smyth (photographer) in our two day 1:1 in Dallas, Texas. Brandi and I spent an entire day working through her business model, her social media presence and website design and curating a more cohesive brand. We also did a more traditional wedding shoot to build her portfolio and strengthen her ability to work with a couple. 

Words from Brandi “This shoot came together in an effort for me to learn and grow as a photographer with none other than Ginny Au as my teacher. She seamlessly pieced together the details and collaboration with all the other wonderfully talented vendors. I still can’t get over how perfect it was…the navy fabric walls that hugged an upstairs room in an abandoned house, the delicate florals, soft veil. As a photographer, getting to observe Ginny Au create is eye opening; she is effortless in her design and style. The simplicity to her work is a true reflection of herself…natural, simple, pure, & lovely. I learned so much during our time together. Its hard to put into few words what happened over the course of a few days–to me these images say it all, and to Ginny – Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a shining light in this industry and I loved every minute spent with you.”