One Day Food & Still Life Class

One Day Food & Still Life Class

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When Georgie Dolling, Aimee Twigger & Ginny Au are all in NYC at the same time, You teach a class. This international trio will be teaching Photographers, Stylists, Food Lovers, Bloggers and Artisans the art of Food, Still life, Prop and Lifestyle Styling (and shooting.)

Choose either Saturday December 8 or Sunday December 9. Costs include the class fee, vegan lunch and beverages.



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One Day Food and Still Life Class

Join Georgie Dolling, Aimee Twigger and Ginny Au in NYC for a full day of still life and food photography and styling.


Saturday December 8 or Sunday December 9.

Our Team #thezworkshop

Georgie Dolling @georgie_dolling (Styling, Production, Prop House, Art Direction)

Aimee Twigger @twiggstudios (Author, Blogger, Photographer, Stylist)

Ginny Au @ginnyau (Styling, Creative Direction, Educator)

Lauren Miller @lmproppingaround (Prop Styling, The Z Coordinator)

The Venue

Prop Workshop @propworkshop

239 Broadway/14th floor/Manhattan

Who Attends

This class is for photographers, stylists, ceramicists, bloggers, food lovers, restaurant owners, artisan food companies, Master Chef contestants, content creators and more. Some class attendees come happy to create freely, others have specific projects or a desire to capture content that can be used across their digital platforms.

Our Approach

We believe that the real value in this class is our extensive, hands on involvement in the creative process. We’re there to help you every step of the way, but we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. We begin by helping those wanting to style set up their equipment (if needed), then it’s time to develop the concept and begin propping. We work with attendees on setting up for food and still life shooting. During the class we navigate lighting, surface selections, work through the best composition, practically plate or place and finally capturing the shot. We work along side you, mentoring you and sharing what’s needed to help you capture your desired image.

What we Bring

  • A wealth of knowledge and experience in the food, prop, styling and photography world. Combined we have over 50 years of experience including numerous cook books, magazine and advertising campaigns.

  • Props. Props. Props. Our artisan collections of international ceramics, custom surfaces, linens, hand-forged flatware, and unique props from around the globe.

  • Artificial lighting and reflector boards along.

What to Bring

  • Your camera or smart phone (don’t forget chargers, batteries and memory cards). Please ensure that you know how to use your camera or smart phone. Related camera equipment (if you have it) e.g. tripod, laptop, tethering lead, etc. Products you’d like to shoot (if relevant)

  • Food or ingredients for specific recipes or arrangements. Remember we will have ample to choose from, but if there was something specific you wanted please bring it along.

  • Any props, flowers, objects you would specifically like to work with please bring along.


  • We run through a brief example of a typical commercial editorial food/still life shoot, tethering to a computer under natural or artificial light.

  • Aimee & Georgie will be providing tuition on using your DSLR camera.

  • Ginny will focus on the importance of the creative journey and BTS captures, sharing how to document your process with your phones.

  • We share advice on using available light and composition.


9.00-11.00 · Welcome, intro, coffee & tea. Natural & artificial light demonstrations, tetheringdirectly into a laptop, creating and styling a set. We will cover camera settings and lens selection. You will learn about lighting, composition, prop choices, food and styling tips and the staple images you need in your portfolio. We will demonstrate using 3 different food/still life set ups. Showcasing composition, the importance of interpreting a clients brief and mood board.

11.00 -13.00 · We will assist set you up to start shooting on your own with our guidance all the way.

13.00 · Lunch

13.00-15.00 · Continue with our personal assistance. Challenge yourself with different angles, lighting techniques & styling tips.

15.00-16.00 · During this time you can either work with Aimee and Georgie on assistance with post production (Lightroom or Photoshop) or with Ginny on how to broaden your portfolios.


USD $850 per day. All inclusive (drinks, vegan lunch, snacks, a personalized, supported experience). Don’t miss our flash sale with $100 off if you book before Sunday November 25.


Please contact Ginny, Aimee or Georgie with any questions or email for logistics and payments.