Creative Director & Stylist

Havana : Cuba

This 1:1 with Greer Gattuso took place in Cuba. Greer is a fine art photograpaher and we did three shoots during our five days in Cuba. This mini shoot was shot in the tobacco fields outside of Havana. I wanted Greer to understand how to be creative with light and composition. We focused on how to incorporate movement into her storytelling and how composition can enhance mood.  

Words from Greer. "I did a one-on-one workshop with Ginny because I was drawn to her work—everything she creates has this distinctive, gorgeous aesthetic. As we worked on things like composition, light, texture, & movement, she enabled me to see my subjects in new & different ways. Through this process I feel like she's helping me develop my voice as a photographer. She's such a giving person who really pours her heart into what she does & works hard to get to know you as a student. You can't help but learn from her.”