PRE-ORDER these athletic socks, perfect for adults, athletes and youth ballers. They come in a range of sizes and are odor resistant with advanced cooling features, heel and toe reinforcement, and are machine knitted with colors that will never fade. 

AVAILABILITY & PICK-UP: The socks are available for purchase from April 15 through May 1. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. The socks have a 3 week production time and will be available for pickup after May 22. Our team will send an email when the socks arrive, announcing pickup locations and dates in Hoover AL. If you would like to have your socks mailed to you, please place your order and send an email to so we can arrange shipping payment and arrival dates. 

COMBINED ORDER:: If you are ordering stickers or wristbands along with your sock order, you can email us at if you would like to pickup these items now instead of waiting till your socks are in stock. 


  • YOUTH -     KIDS SIZE 12Y - 4Y

  • SMALL -     MENS 4-6    WOMENS 6-8

  • MEDIUM -   MENS 6-9    WOMENS 8-11

  • LARGE -     MENS 10-12  WOMENS 12-14

  • X-LARGE    MENS 13+     WOMENS 15+

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